Structure Of Decay Series

This series of prints revolves around urban industrial decay in northern cities, in Salford and Sheffield. I have used silkscreen printing to explore the physical processes within this theme. What intrigues me and draws me into this area is the fragility of the textures, presence of the former-functional forms and the colours of industry left behind, coupled with the manmade structures being softened by natural weed and detritus and layers of the past.

The way I construct my works starts initially with photography and then once printed I work back into the prints before they are dry by dabbing away ink, to give a faded washed out appearance, this is an important part of my work as it is replicating the layers of the buildings that were put there for a purpose but would have since worn away or are barely visible. Along with this I have produced a number of prints incorporating dust which i collected at the site of the buildings to enhance the imagery, this is done to create a physical link back to the building, highlighting the idea that the building has had a number of different roles in its life and I am replicating this; also the technique allows for a fragile and ephemeral quality as the imagery of the piece literally decays.

Thus meaning that each print is unique, adding further support to the characteristics of the theme.


All Imagery Is Copyright of Tom Harforth