Open: 19th January- 14th February
Closing Event: 9th February 5-7pm

Remnants, the latest exhibition at Hanover Project. The show has been curated by the gallery’s current student intern Hollie Donnelly. Remnants considers the notion of history filtered through the work of seven different visual artists. Artists included in the show are; Laura Brady | Ella Breese | Benjamin Davies | Tina Dempsey | Tom Harforth | Jenny Steele | Beata Wrobel

Remnants explores the idea of traces left behind as evidence of history, memory and previous existence and presence. It emphasizes the way in which every day spaces are used, often overlooked and sometimes forgotten or abandoned. Many spaces featuring historical architecture, domestic or industrial, carry interesting associations with the people that occupy it over time and abandoned spaces often incorporate signs of decay and withering surfaces. Remnants aims to capture the delicacy of traces found as remains of what was or happened previously.

The exhibition curator has chosen seven artists and selected work interconnected through shared interest but from differing perspectives, independence and particular world views, exploring and recording traces of the past through the passing of every day activity.

The artists include four UCLAN Fine Art alumni, one current UCLAN Fine Art third year student, a local artist associated to the UCLAN AA2A programme and a Fine Art third year student at Lancaster University. The artists have responded to the theme through printmaking, collage, sculpture, visual gaming technology, and painting.